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Glass microbeads are small balls made of soda lime glass with very good optical features.

The high refractive index allows to use this item on reflective surfaces. Projecting sceens, road marking, paints get due to them good brillance.

We sell microbeads in mixture or in sorted fractions. Such balls are used for example for  jetting of surfaces. The surface is by this abrazive method degreased or it gets get matt surface. Microbeads can be used also as filters, isolation or they cun just fill in some space of each shape.

Our microbeads can be used as a decorative material for example in hourglass, on christmas balls or they are very popular for arranging. For this purposes we can offer not only clear microbeads, but also colour variations according to your wish. If the basic colours are for you too ordinary, you can order golden, bronz or silver microbeads. Over aginst decorative send (colour send), glass microbeads are clear, brillant and not dusty. Huge possibility of colour shades allow you to decorate candles, nails, picture frames - what ever surface, where you can fix them by glue of varnish.

Our clear or colour microbeads are not only for architects and designers,  for producer of laquers, plastic...but also for everyone, who just like them.

The minimum quantity for the order is just 100g!!! So  - no big packaging, not limit! 

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