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Glass Sphere s.r.o.

Welcome to the world of glass spheres

Let us introduce ourselves !

Our company GLASS SPHERE,s.r.o. wishes, so that your glass dreams became real.

Glass Sphere

It is not important if you want to play or if you look for some component for your product. It is important, that you look for glass, which will make you happy and will be used to satisfy you. Our customer can have what ever idea and all technical solutions are on us. We love new projects, which help us to go forward.

We  offer not only glass products such as: balls, rods, tuebes, broken glass, pessing, safety covers, floating glass...we would like to fulfill your wish due to this incredible and beautiful material. We want, so that glass became your decoration, game and asistent, so that glass protected you, helped you to solve your technical and decorative projects.

Objects around us must fill their mission, so that  our world was a good  place for living.

We are looking forward to meeting with you!

GLASS SPHERE s.r.o. Podhorská 50, 466 01 Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic,Tel:00420 483 311 56, E-mail: info@glass-sphere.com


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