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Glass balls

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 Round objects are nice and pleasant.

The round shape is positive, magical and perfect.

The manipulation with round objects brings piece and equability. 


Many of us remember, that they met with the glass ball in the childhood.Skleněné kuličky Shiny and colour glass balls was not only beautiful, but were also the synonym for the treasure.

The ball has the magical shape. 

 Ball are used also in rehabilitation, because they have big acupressure effects

Do you know, how workers ing the glass factories refreshed theirselves in hot summer days? They put glass balls into the box and than put their legs into it.

Glass balls are not only for the playing, but htey have also big sense in the industry. These balls are named - technical balls. They are used in the production of paints, lacquers, where they are used as the milling medium or the filler. Technical balls are used also in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. They can fill spaces, isolate, jet the surface, be used as the gasket.... . We can meet them in rol-onech, ink cartridges, in valves.... Their usage depends only on the type of glass, which is used, size and the roundedness. The special position between technical balls have  precision glass balls. Such balls can be used for example as a part of optical machines.

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