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How to work with Crystal ball

Věštecká koule To use this crystal ball sit in a comfortable position and breathe deeply to the count of four, then hold the breath until the count of four and finally release to the count of four. Repeat this until you feel your body has relaxed enough to give your full concentration to the crystal. Have only one candle lit behind the crystal and some sandalwood or wormwood incense burning. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts and stare into the ball in a meditative state. Continue this for about ten minutes. If any images appear to you in the ball, immediately write them down and interpret them as you would a dream. In time and practice, one can see images of the present, past or future, much like that of a television screen projecting before you

Please be aware, that the majority of people is not able to see for the first or second time nothing, so please, be patient, calm, relentless.

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