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How to buy in our e-shop

Registration of clients

Before you place your first order, you can register (you do not have to). This allows you to make another purchase very simply. When you register, please create your password, which will be known only to you, not to the web administration.

Before you place the order, please allways write your number of your cell phone or another telephone number for the better communication in case of some problems with your order.

When you are buying, just add choosen items to the basket. When you finish your order, please, check it once more and send it.You can watch the situation of the order (only registered customers) 

 Transport cost and Transport


Price list for the goods sent to foreign countries.

This Price list is available for the parcel 0,5-30 kgs.


Group 1: Hungary, Poland, - EUR 24,-

Group 2: Austria, Germany ,Denmark, Belgium, France,

               Luxembourg, Netherlands - EUR 26,-

Group 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta - EUR 31,-

Group 4: Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, Sweden - EUR 33,-

Group 5: Finland, Switzerland - EUR 40,-

Group 6: Corsica,Norway,Greece - EUR 49,-

Group 7: United Kingdom (The shipping price will appear at the end of order)


We will offer you individual price for the transport of goods by weight and the country of delivery.

Please contact us on the e-mail: info@glass-sphere.com  


Return and Claim of the goods

You can return the goods without description of the reason within 14 days since the goods is delivered to you. After we receive not damaged goods, we will return 90% price of the goods (without the transport charges), 10% will cover our overheads.

We admit the claim in case of the defect of the goods, which arised during the production.

The claim is not accepted, if damage arises by the bad manipulation with the goods by the customer. We highly recommend to send the goods in the original not damaged packaging!

In case if returning the goods to us, please, add the copy of the invoice.

Protection of private data 

Glass Sphere confirms, that will never use the private data to the third side.

Please, all questions write to: info@glass-sphere.com.

We thank you very much and we wish you a good purchase. Glass Sphere, s.r.o.

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