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Safety borosilicate covers

Glass borosilicate covers for thechnical spaces, which have high demands for the safety and covers for extreme temperature or chemical conditions

The high safety demands are requested in many spaces. Especially the breakup resistance is very important in some cases.

Some Directive demands the garanted resistance. Covers made of borosilicate glass  solve this problem.

This glass material has high resistance to alkali and acid. This glass resists due ti its low thermal expansion,  to changes of temperatures and to high temperatures. This glass is also used for the production of labware. It is possible to thermically harden this glass and to boost the pressure resistance .

Our company offers covers according to your drawings and needs. We can also ofer safety glass covers from our collection of tested covers. We are able to ensure resistance testing.

We guarantee, that we will give all our effort to your project.

ESHOP - Safety borosilicate covers:

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